I am currently treating my Dysport Injury with Dr. Larisa Gruer , for months dr's kept telling me it was anxiety and it was all in my head, after doing some research of my own I found Dr. Gruer, not only does she believe me , she is a wonderful naturopath who has experienced this injury herself. Her safe formulas and treatment have been a lifesaver as I live in Canada. This injury is hard as you feel so alone in it but Dr. Larisa is nothing but supportive and is always there when I need her . 

Lisa G. - Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Infant Allergies

Hi Dr. Larisa,
Thank you for all the recommendations. We have switched Matteo to goat milk and have been giving him avocado once a day and I can notice the difference. Now, he rarely spits up and his wheezing seems to have gone done. I plan on starting green vegetables this week. I’ve also given him the probiotic and omega like you recommended and he seems to like it! We have the stone in our bedroom as well. We appreciate you helping us find the root of Matteo’s wheezing and for your recommendations. I’ll keep you updated. Hope to see you soon! 

Amanda G. - Orange, CA


I'm a 52 year old woman. I went to Dr. Gruer for hot flashes, among other things, and I also wasn't sleeping very well. So on Sat morn she started me on the Max Estro E with 1 pump. By Sunday night I noticed my hot flashes had lessen quite a bit. I still didn't have a great night sleep though, so Monday I started taking 1 pump in the morning and then 1 pump at night. After a few days of doing this, I actually woke up to my alarm instead of before it, which was amazing-I slept the entire night. I didn't wake up once!! Friday at work I didn't even turn my desk fan on once, which I usually have on pretty much all the time. I've only been taking the Max Estro E for a week and I still get hot flashes, but they are not as frequent and not as intense. I'm hoping after just a few months of taking the Max Estro E, my hormones will be stable enough so that I won't have to take anything for them. Right now, I'm just so happy that there is something out there that works quickly and without side effects. I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Gruer.

Thank you,
Kelly F.  - Newport Beach, CA



I am very excited to share that I have noticed a wonderful increase in my daughter, Laurel's receptive and expressive language, an increase in spontaneous language, a decrease in self injurious behaviors and she is 'in our world' more, enjoying more shared experiences with others.

I wanted to share some pictures of Laurel to document the progress I have noticed since she has been on Dr. Larisa's Nutritional Brain Recovery Program.


Dr. Gruer, thank you for your help. I am feeling stronger, slimmer, more energetic, and happier!

Roberta C. (86 years young) -Newport Beach, CA 


I want to take a moment to give a big shout out to Dr. Larisa Gruer. I am a 74 year-old amateur ballroom dancer/competitor. I was suffering from extreme fatigue for quite a while. It got to the point where it was necessary for me to take snacks with me to dance lessons in order to fuel my body so that I could make it through a lesson. At dance competitions, I was unable to compete for two days in a row because I did not have the stamina. Then I went to see Dr. Larisa and she suggested changes to my diet and provided me with her Energy Boost dietary supplements. All I can say is WOW! It has only been a month and a half and I feel better than I have felt in years. Last week, I competed for two days in a row and I was told by my dance teachers and observers that I danced with more energy than they have ever seen in the past!!! I also previously experienced dizzy spells during certain dances, which have almost disappeared. And as an extra added bonus, I am losing weight because I no longer have to eat frequently just to make my body move. Thank you Dr. Larisa!!

Cheryl W. - Aliso Viejo, CA


As awful as it is, I suffered a Botox injury months ago, and Dr. Larisa is the ONLY clinician who believed me, comforted me, and offered me long-term solutions for the host of ailments that have arisen as a result of this neurological assault. Not only does Dr. Larisa have an expansive, working knowledge of the biophysiological mechanisms involved in these injuries, but the compassion and selflessness that she shows to her patients is unparalleled. While other doctors and professionals are willing to treat you as a guinea pig as they treat you, Dr. Larisa's conservative and all-natural approach is the only appropriate one for anyone in such a vulnerable position. While I have been a tough patient to undertake, as this ordeal has been devastating, Dr. Larisa's consummate optimism and support has often been the only solace in dark times. She is an incredible naturopath as well as a shining example of a wonderful human! I wish that I had no reason for her treatments, but I am happy that she exists and encourage anyone who has experienced complications following a Botox/Dysport injection to seek her services.

M.A. - Manhattan, NY

Amenorrhea (Lack of Periods) 

Dear Dr. Larisa and Dimitri,

I woke up this morning and for the first time in about 7 years…even through fertility treatments….I got my period! 
I was literally in tears (thanks to you, I am now able to have periods!)

No wonder my boobs were hurting! 

This means I CAN have kids!! My husband was so confused by the tears…but said I needed to go get tampons :-).

Had to tell you both...

Nikki B. - Newport Coast, CA

General Wellness

I don't known how to start this. But I really want to do this! I want to give a Big THANK YOU To Dr. Larisa Gruer. She is the one who told me to get Bill over to get a CT Scan. If it were not for her, I don't even want to think about what could have happened to Bill. For those who do not know, Dr. Larisa IS the European Institute For Natural Health. I have been getting skin care treatments from Larisa for what, about 25 years now. She healed my severe cystic acne without even leaving a scar. She is also the one who told me how to get treatment from my MD for my high blood pressure that helped me avoid glaucoma surgery. I am learning how much Western Medicine is not perfect at all! You have no idea, Dr. Larisa Gruer, how grateful I am to have you in my life! I have no idea how to Thank You for helping Bill! (and me) Thank You Just Does Not Seem Like Enough. To say you are a life saver is truly not being melodramatic. You are! Thank You For Being There & For Being My Friend!

Terri Mason-Holden - Fullerton, CA

Ulcerative Colitis

Dear Dr. Gruer,

I just wanted to inform you that the Agebust IM really did a miracle for me. I feel a lot better, I am not bloated as much like before and I have stopped bleeding.  I cannot thank you enough. God bless.
Best wishes, Dilshad.

Dilshad B. - Irvine, CA


testimonial desde España - 
Dr. Larisa es el Angel de la Guarda que he encontrado en mi camino...
Soy de España y me pusieron unas inyecciones de toxina botulínica para una complicación en mi trompa de Eustaquio. Pues bien resultaron en una intoxicaicon a nivel física terrible....
Estuve rotando por neurólogo, otorrinos e inmunologos durante meses sin ningún resultado.... Mis dolores cada vez empeoraban mas..
Encontré a la Dra. Larisa e inmediatamente tuvimos una cita por Skype en la que me sentí que por primera vez alguien entendia lo que me estaba pasando.
Ante la imposibilidad de volar a Los Angeles por mi trompa de Eustaquio, ella me hace un seguimiento personalizado por mail.
Ella me trata con muchísima profesionalidad y sobre todo como un ser humano. Hay días de desesperación y ella siempre esta ahí para dar una solución a mi problema con muchísimo cariño y dedicación
Mi camino va a ser duro porque la toxina no es una cosa fácil pero ella ha conseguido con sus indicaciones que me encuentre muchísimo mejor en un tiempo record. Yo no se lo que haría si ella no estuviera en mi vida. Dios la Bendiga Dr. Larisa

Marta L. - Bilboa, Spain


I have been struggling for the last year trying to recover from being poisoned by a Dysport injection. All treatments and recommendations by other doctors only made me worse and I was losing all hope of recovery. It wasn't until recently that I found Dr. Larisa. I flew out to Newport Beach for a week start my recovery program which included a gentle detox treatment, light therapy and counseling. Dr. Larisa is wonderful! She is extremely knowlegable, caring and understanding. Each patient with this poisoning is given their own custom program based on their symptoms and test results. Knowing that I'm in good hands, I feel confident I will fully recover. Dr. Larisa, you are a blessing to all of us who are fighting to regain our health from this toxin poisoning. Thank you for all you do, for calming my fears and keeping me positive!

Kelly L. - Phoenix, AZ


I have been coming to Dr. Larisa once a week for the past 3 months - driving 2 hours each way from Valencia and she is more than worth the effort. Dr Larisa is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate all the wonderful treatments she is providing for me during this uncomfortable time of Dysport poisioning. I am feeling a lot better since I have been working with her! Blessings Dr. Larisa

Barbara S. - Valencia, CA

I am so glad I flew out to California to see Dr Larisa!  I sustained a "botox" injury months prior and couldn't find anyone to help me.  After researching the web, I came across Dr Larisa.  She consulted with me by phone for several months and I decided to fly out to California to have hands on treatment with her.   She put me on a customized nutritional program and her own in-house therapy program.  I am now at the point where i can  finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!   I would highly recommend her services to anyone!  She's highly educated and very concerned for her patients health!  She's very warm and welcoming!  Thank you Dr Larisa and Staff!  Miss you!  Laurie S from Indiana

Laurie S - Granger, Indiana

Hi Dr. Larisa!

You changed my life. I have been struggling with stomach issues as a result from certain medications, severe anxiety and ADD for years, and as I entered college, my problems only intensified. 

You gave me hope that my body could and would return to normal. After a few months on the regime you recommended for me, I have never felt better. It has been years since I have felt so wonderful. I almost forgot how good it feels to feel good!

The Skin Safe, Energy Boost and Goat Milk blend have done me WONDERS!!!! I feel so amazing every day!!! My tummy is actually happy for the first time in years!!! It is such a relief to go through the day without having to worry about certain tummy issues!! Also, the Vitamin B skin cream is just as amazing for my skin!

Thank you so so very much for all your help!!! Again, I haven't felt this wonderful in years!!

Kristine S. – Berkeley and Newport Beach, CA

I suffered from a severe Botox Related Injury which included the following symptoms: Speech loss, breathing trouble, severe Rib & back pain, diarrhea, vomiting, ringing in ears, dizziness, headaches & head pressure, heart palpitations, burning sensation on skin, hair loss, depression & severe anxiety including panic attacks. 

I could not find any help at all until I found Dr. Larisa through one of her on-line articles and started working with her long distance.  This month will be 9 months post injection and I feel back to myself 100%. Thanks to Dr. Larisa I have my life back! 

Dr. L, I hope you are all doing well out in sunny California! If I ever get any time to travel and am headed out that way I will surely come and visit you in person!

Sue W. – Lynbrook, New York


Another rave review for our Stress Ease formula:

I started taking your Stress Ease formula several weeks ago and felt immediate results.  Over the weekend I forgot to take my “happy” pills and by Sunday completely lost it with a family member. Since this is so unlike me, I thought about it and realized that I forgot my supplement. Within 2 days of using it again, I woke up in such a great mood, I called the person I offended and offered a sincere apology and explanation.  
Thanks, Dr. Larisa for your DLN Stress Ease!

Laurie G.
Newport Beach, Ca

I'd like to thank Dr. Larisa Gruer for COMPLETELY CURING my son's eczema!!!!! After only a few teatments and a simple procedure, his skin looks like nothing was ever there!!!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Larisa!! YOU ARE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!

Katya Williams, Celebrity Photographer

Hey, Dr. L,

What do you think of these (lab results) before and after? I’m sure pleased!

I asked my Kaiser doctor to give me 3 months to work with you before taking anti-cholesterol drugs and suffering from their potential side effects and worrying about my liver.. Can’t wait to get re-tested in another 3 months! Thanks.Click on this

I LOVE love love the progesterone you put me on 1/8 teaspoon AM and PM. Wow!!!
What a calming, nice hormone.  My body feels so much better. Thank you, Dr. L!

Deborah T Dachinger
Westwood, CA

I am a 64 year-old female who has been prescribed hormone replacement medication for the last 15 years after a partial hysterectomy. When I contacted Dr. Gruer and told her about my family history of breast cancer and also my struggles with my own health, she suggested that I get off my hormone meds. Of course, I was very confused and afraid of getting hot flashes and other issues, including bladder problems and osteoporosis. 

Dr. Gruer was very patient and assured me that my transition would not be difficult and although I was still very skeptical, I must now admit she was right on.  I’m very glad to report that I have not suffered a single hot flash and feel very well. I’m looking forward to losing weight and getting more energy so I can exercise and travel when I retire next year. 

Thank you so much for being patient and kind, Dr Gruer.

Maureen K. Tacoma, WA

Dr, Larisa,

Over the past year you have helped in so many ways - my menopause, hot flashes, sleeplessness and moodiness - which you addressed through my custom hormone cream.  I sleep through the night, my depression and anxiety has subsided and the hot flashes diminished.  This week was another huge revelation...I came in Monday for a magnesium  treatment.  The detoxification results were so noticeable - immediately.  The puffiness was gone, my energy levels increased and I lost 8 pounds in 4 days and have sustained the loss.  Your recommendations on balancing my diet by decreasing my fruit intake and increasing protein was also a great help.


Dear Dr. Larisa,

I have an exciting update for you about my chronic UTIs.

Since seeing you 3 weeks ago, I’ve been strictly off all white, sugary, and yeasty food & your homeopathic  pills I have been taking have made me feel so good already. 

THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHHH! I haven’t felt this good in a while! 
I look forward to continually feeling better with your help! No more antibiotics, no more pain  or emergency rooms!

Aliso Viejo, Ca

When I came in to see Dr. Gruer, I’d pretty much given up on being intimate again. I just went through divorce, my energy was low, I was weepy, unfocused and very irritable. After Dr. Gruer ran some saliva and urine tests and reviewed my last blood work, she recommended detoxification, stress management, personalized supplements and a natural hormone cream. Since June 2011, most of my symptoms are gone, I feel renewed, I lost 11 pounds and have regained my sexual drive. I must admit, I feel a little silly because I was so very skeptical and negative in the beginning.

I’d  like to thank Dr. Gruer for her time, attention and patience. Thank you for not giving up on me!

Alison M.
Newport Beach, Ca

Dr. Larisa is one of the amazing influences in my life and someone that I recommend with all of my heart. She has been a tremendous guiding light in my family’s life — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Jana H.
Alamo, CA

Dear Dr. Larisa,

Just got my blood test and my overall cholesterol went down; when I last saw you 3 months ago it was 258, and last week it was 210. No meds.

Pretty good eh? All the other numbers (HDL, LDL, Trig, Ratio) were terrific. Looking forward in seeing you soon!

Los Angeles

Dear Dr. Larisa,

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all the improvement in my health I have experienced since I started following your advice.  I came to you with a laundry list of complaints including lack of sleep, irregular menstrual cycle (which usually included bleeding so heavy I couldn’t perform my day to day functions) , weight gain, hot flashes, and emotional volatility.  Through a simple course of treatment (and very little time and money invested considering the results), I have eliminated or improved all of these conditions PLUS lost 22 pounds and reduced my cholesterol by 50 points!  I feel and (dare I say) look better than ever.  I am 46 years old with two children and my own business to run, so feeling great is a blessing.  I have not experienced sleep this deep and uninterrupted since I was in my twenties.  

Recently, I had a nasty patch of broken black veins and small bumps on my ankle.  When I showed it to you, you immediately suggested that I consume extra Vitamin C and topically apply a Vitamin K cream.  Within ONE WEEK, there was a drastic improvement in the appearance of my ankle, which now that it is summer and I want to wear sandals and strappy shoes, is important.  

What I like most is that you suggest things that are readily available in REGULAR stores and never push a particular product or brand.  My visits with you are quick, efficient, and pleasant.  Thank you so much!

Mel W., MBA

During my menopausal period, my sex drive just dropped completely.  So much so, that I had not had any sex for about 1 year prior to discovering that having intercourse was extremely painful - so much so I had to stop.  I called Dr Gruer the next morning and she ordered me a full hormone saliva test. My regular doctors ran blood tests and said everything was normal and if I had problems they could put me on HRT. I looked into the side effects and having a family history of cancer decided against it.

After the results of my hormone tests came in and showed what was going on with my hormones, Dr. Gruer ordered some drops (the crème was too rich for my skin)  to be taken under my tongue twice per day at a specific time of the day (for me it is 7am & 4pm).  She told me it could take up to 3 months for me to see results.  The drops did very well for me (along with some other instructions she gave me).  Surprisingly, I was back to normal in about 1 month.  It has also helped with my tummy bloat due to the hormonal changes in my body. Of course, it has done wonders for my relationship too! 

I’m still taking the drops (this June will be 1 year) to help keep my hormonal levels normal and to keep me more youthful.  I’m exercising and eating whole foods and have lost a good deal of my menopausal weight. What I like best about these drops is that it’s an alternative, safe, non-expensive way to feeling normal without messing with dangerous hormones.  

Thank you Dr Gruer!

Bobbi, M. Lake Forest, California

Dr. Larisa,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how helpful my weekly magnesium treatments have been in eliminating my psoriasis.  I had been suffering for at least 10 years from this problem and besides being terribly uncomfortable, it was so unsightly.  I often could not wear shorts in the summer and it was a constant management issue for me. I no longer have any symptoms and could not be happier. 

Thank you again for all of your expert attention and dedication to my well-being.


Dear Dr. Larisa,

Thank you for all your love and support, especially your heart and great skin therapy removing my wrinkles from the 40 years of sun damage on my face.  I feel younger every time I see you.  You are a Fountain of Youth Practitioner!

Sharon G, Costa Mesa, CA

I began seeing Dr. Larisa in August of 2009. I had just turned 63 and was very overweight and feeling poorly. I didn’t know if she could help me at my age.

To my surprise, it turned out that all the “healthy” foods including lots of soy I was eating were very wrong from my blood type. Dr. Larisa explained the Blood Type weight loss program to me in very simple terms and wrote everything down. She asked me not to count any calories, and to never go hungry.

At the time of our initial consultation, I was taking an anti-depressant, Effexor and was having bad side-effects. When I had tried to get off this drug, I suffered from terrible withdrawal symptoms. 

I had constant skin rashes, my body hurt, my digestion was terrible; I was constipated and bloated. I had constant movement in my legs and “brain fog.” My blood pressure was also high.

Unexpectedly, within several weeks of our first meeting, I began to lose weight, got off the drugs and as of now, May 2010, have  lost close to 60 pounds just by following Dr. Larisa’s program and coming in for magnesium foot baths. People don’t even recognize me!

Because I’m eating the right foods and taking the right supplements I have not gained any weight whatsoever. Last winter, I had a nasty fall and had to have ankle surgery. After a long recovery and physical therapy, I was still in pain. Dr. Larisa recommended that I get photo light therapy to better manage my pain.
I even sleep better now with the help of homeopathic remedies. My blood pressure and heart rate are much lower and my adrenal glands are functioning again. Even my moods have improved.  I was taking a lot of prescription meds including steroids and pain meds for years and now I’m not.

To be honest, I never thought that I could ever lose so much weight and keep it off at my age. My regular doctor was shocked at my weight loss. I have not been dieting at all, just eating right. I’ve also recommended Dr. Larisa to my friends and co-workers not only for her knowledge, but also for her calm and caring approach.
For anyone who thinks it’s too late to improve their health, I say’ “it’s not too late if you start right now.”

Sue D. Trabuco Canyon, Ca

I would like to recommend Dr. Larisa Gruer’s practice. I’ve been coming to see her since the first of last year, complaining about a number of disorders. I was always tired, stressed, and suffered from brain fog, which is not helpful to a man in my position as a full time clergy member. My digestion was terrible and I was diagnosed with mild diverticulitis. 

After receiving weekly treatments of Magnesium chloride and using the supplements recommended by Dr. Larisa, I continue to feel more and more energy. My thinking has cleared. I’m more alert. Several people have told me that I look better and asked me if I started exercising. Most impressively, my digestion is much improved and I don’t have any more lumps around my navel.

For several years, my eyes have looked very puffy and red. After I mentioned it, Dr. Larisa recommended some eye treatments. I was truly amazed and surprised that only one photo light treatment has improved it by 50 percent. Being a clergy member, I work with the public and my general wellbeing and appearance are very important.  

Thank you Larisa for improving my health, my business, my appearance and also my outlook on life. I feel healthier and more energetic than I have in years. 

Rabbi Marc Rubenstein

Oftentimes, when you’ve not been feeling well for a very long time, you don’t even realize it. You accept it as a normal part of aging, take your meds and never question if you can feel better.  Then, miraculously you start feeling better and see how truly badly you’ve been feeling all along.

Since I’ve started seeing Dr. Larisa Gruer my aches, pains and joint inflammations have mostly disappeared.  I feel calmer, handle my daily stress better, and actually sleep at night. Moreover, I feel centered and more energized than I’ve felt in years. Most importantly, I feel cared for by Dr. Larisa. I can go anywhere for treatments, I come to Dr. Larisa for overall health improvements.  I would like to highly recommend weekly Ayurvedic Magnesium detoxification foot baths.  After these treatments, I feel a sense of impressive emotional wellness. Thank you Dr. Larisa. I’m looking forward to further improvements!

Rebecca M. 

I'm a 56 year old man who'd been suffering from some pretty severe heartburn and post nasal drip due to fall allergies. The Benedryl I was taking was making me too drowsy. I have great insurance so I went to my primary doctor. He prescibed a steroid for my post nasal drip and OTC Prevacid for my heartburn. It sounded fishy to me, so I gave Dr. Larisa a call. It only took her only a 15 minute phone consulatation to recommend that I use a simple Saline Nasal Spray which would take care of my sinuses and the heatburn too, which she said was being caused by the mucus running into my gut. She just sent me to CVS, where it only cost me about $4.

After only 2 days using the spray, my sinuses dried up and my heartburn went away! It seems the simplest treatments are sometimes the best. Thank you Dr. Larisa for your sage advice and being there for me!

Al E. Newport Beach, CA

Hi Dr. Larisa,

Shame on you, Capistrano Unified School District!

My 8-year old son tested at 97th percentile on the district's GATE test -- HaHa !
I mean, really. And that’s after they told me he’s ADD and to put him on Ritalin

If I weren't an older mom and had you for support I probably would have medicated this child and ruined his life.

Thanks for supporting me and Charlie!  
M.W. Aliso Viejo

I consulted with  Dr. Larisa regarding concerns that my blood glucose levels were becoming high and stabilizing with my past supplements was no longer effective. She suggested I take two single supplements with each meal, and to closely watch my levels to assure my blood sugar didn't drop too suddenly.

At first, I thought to my self, "Drop too low?" I purchased the supplements she suggested and took them as directed. Within 6 weeks, my blood sugar stabilized 
and I had no side-effects. Larisa is truly an inspiration with her depth of medical knowledge. I'm blessed our paths have crossed."

Dr. Gloria Gilbere, PhD
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